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Ultrasound Guided Dry Needling

Ultrasound dry needling incorporates ultrasound imaging to enhance the precision of dry needling treatment targeted at a specific area of the body. This approach allows for a visual assessment of the affected tendon, identifying areas with tendonitis or tendinosis. Through ultrasound guidance, your physical therapist can accurately insert the needle directly into the affected region, visually confirming that the treatment addresses the root cause of your pain.

It's essential to note that ultrasound dry needling does not replace traditional dry needling, which remains an exceptionally effective treatment method. Instead, ultrasound dry needling enhances the accuracy of the treatment, facilitating a swift return to your beloved activities.

Ultrasound guided dry needling works to improve your range of motion while decreasing muscle tightness and pain. If you have experienced tendonitis- inflammation of your tendon- or tendinosis- the breakdown of your tendon’s collagen over time- ultrasound guided dry needling may help you. Ultrasound allows your physical therapist to see your tissues and insert the needle directly into the affected area. This can help speed up healing time so you can return to the activities you love.


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