Specialty Treatments 

Manual Therapy by Doctor of Physical Therapy: hands-on techniques performed by a physical therapist with post graduate manual therapy training


Headache/Neck Pain

TMJ/Facial Surgery






Wheelchair Assessment

Scar Repair (post surgical)

Chronic Fatigue



Specialty Treatments
Specialty Conditions

Therapeutic Massage by Licensed Massage Therapist: helps relax muscles and decrease pain

Dry Needling: use a small needle (little to no pain) to provide pain relief/relaxes muscles

Kinesio Taping: tape that can stay on for 3-5 days in order to help relieve pain, decrease swelling, correct posture, activate/deactivate muscles

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy: safe and effecient strengthening technique using cuffs to reduce venous blood flow (not arterial) that allows patients to gain muscle size and strength with 20-30% of the typical required forces and in a shorter amount of time

Traction: gentle machine that mechanically stretches muscles, decompresses discs, and relieves entrapped nerves

Soft Tissue Mobilization: techniques used to relax soft tissue that is causing pain or dysfunction

Myofascial Release: techniques used to relax the connective tissue that is causing pain or dysfunction

Cupping: a suctioning technique using cups to help increase blood flow, decrease pain, and mobilize connective tissues

Iontophoresis: an effective, well-tolerated, and simple method for delivering medication across the skin using electricity

Ultrasound: a machine used to decrease swelling or increase blood flow to help healing process

Posture Correction: techniques used to correct posture and decrease stress on muscle/joints

Stress/Breathing Techniques: techniques used to help teach the patient how to relax his/her own muscles 

Home/Work Ergonomic Assessment: helps to find the root (home/work) cause of pain or dysfunction

Nasal Skeletal Release: a treatment used for headaches, sinusitis/sinus headaches, and concussion symptoms. We are the only clinic in the DFW performing Nasal Skeletal Release

Diet/Supplement Education: information used to help target vitamin deficiency/food causes of the pain or dysfunction

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