What Past Patients Have To Say!


Are you stuck in the house with pain?

Do you you feel isolated and worried about your pain?

 Are you scared to leave the house and dont know what to do with your pain ? 

Does your neck or back ever “go out” if you move the wrong way? 

Are you afraid your pain will get worse if you don’t do anything about it?


If you have answered YES to any of the above questions - Then you are perfect for a TELEHEALTH SESSION with one of our Experts


Register for a Telehealth Session or Call (817) 422-5307

"I was facing back surgery with an 8 mth rehab. Dr. Ried has helped me so much, surgery is no longer needed. He has a one on one approach that makes all the difference. I highly recommend him."

                                                         - Janice R.

"I thought I was on the way to back surgery. I was using a walker to ease the pain when I was up. Dr. Ried was recommended to me by a family member. I feel like I would try anything to avoid surgery. In just a little over a month with treatment I am absolutely free of nerve pain."
                                                         - Sandy M.

We have used our Telehealth Program in the past for people who travel alot and NOW, we are offering it to all our clients
HOW DOES IT WORK? -You can use a computer or cell phone and it is SUPER EASY to set up. We see you and you see us.
-We go over:
1. Pain relieving techniques
2. Hands-on techniques
3. Self-mobilization techniques
4. Show you exactly what stretches or exercise you need to focus on
5. When and how to use heat or ice
6. Also, we GET to check out your desk space, chair, bed, and home environment so that we can make changes or recommendations to keep you out of pain
7. And Much More!
How long are the sessions? 30-45 minutes long
Does my insurance pay for it?
Yes, it does. The copays are the same as in person visits but now you get the advantage of staying in the comfort of your own home as well as getting to learn the long-term things needed to maintain your progress once therapy is done with the exact equipment you have at home
Can I do Home and in person treatments at the same time?
Yes. We have some patients that have elected to do 2x/week home treatments (30 minute) and 1x/week in person (30-45 minute) session for the manual therapy
Call Us @ (817) 422- 5307 to get started because our Telehealth appointments are filling up! 

Attention PAIN Sufferers!


        For a Limited Time, We are offering the First Session for FREE.


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